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Are you tired of digitally „enhanced“ music? Would you prefer listening to a beautiful analog version with a pleasant dynamic songs accompanied by a legendary vinyl crackle? You don’t need a system for tens or even hundreds of thousands for that. Do you have an old hi-fi at home? Do you think it’s best days are over?

We provide a complete old turntable repairs – from tuning and setting of all mechanical and electrical components, through careful reparations of original wooden finishings, perspex lids and metal parts, up to the replacement of veneer cases, manufacturing of chassis suiting your vision and wishes, including a final surface treatment by any possible and suitable way.

Your imagination has no limits with us. We will breathe a new life into your old turntable. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with the final product and it’s musical and visual capabilities at the same time. Your hi-fi will become interesting and attractive addition to your home.

A complete renewal requires pulling the unit apart. All the mechanical components will be checked, cleaned and lubricated during the process. This includes inspection of wiring and electronic component and their replacement should it be needed. Customization can be made. In most cases this entails: a replacement of pick-up, wiring of tone arms to RCA connectors, replacement of nibs and lid, new coating of metal components, new external power supply etc. All functions are checked and tests are run after the assembly. Renovated or repaired product may be sent by a courier directly to your address.

Several finishes are offered

Oil and wax finish

Oil and wax finish is the most common method. This finish draws out the structure of wood without any demands for maintenance.

Oil and resin finish

The usual wax can be replaced by resin. This way a silky luster and a beautiful figuring of the wood can be revealed.

French polish

French polish is the last from fully natural finishes. The maintenance of this type is the most demanding, but it offers the best figuring and luster of the wood.

Deep lush gloss

A method of coating the chassis by a two-pack paint or a clear lacquer buffed to give a deep lush gloss.



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